A great entry level Airsoft gun for shooters who wishes to increase their gaming experience by using tactical equipment like grips, lasers or lights. Its shoots 0.9 Joule out of the box, ideal for skirmish sites with power restrictions. As well as quad front rail and removable carry handle, it features authentic Armalite markings and has an ideal size for all sorts of Airsoft use. The folding front sight is made in metal and provides a sleek look when using an optional optical sight on the top rail. Included is a Hi-cap magazine which holds 300 BB’s providing plenty of shooting fun. Use battery ref. 15200 (not included) Features:

Individual serial number

Quad rail

Hi cap magazine

Removable carry handle with fully adjustable rear sights

Folding front sight

Collapsible Sopmod stock

Length:890/810 mm

Mag. Capacity:300 rounds

Hop Up Type:Adjustable

Velocity:95m/s (312fps)

Weight:2850 grams

Energy:0,9 Joule

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Swiza Swiss Army Knives D04

Swiza Swiss Army Knives D04