Airsoft Kit Classic Army M15 A1 R.I.S.Carbine

Airsoft Kit Classic Army M15 A1 R.I.S.Carbine

Tactical carbine value pack, everything needed for serious shooting fun. This M15 Airsoft carbine with authentic ArmaLite markings, has an ideal size for all sorts of Airsoft use, CQB, open field or just backyard target practicing. A Hi-cap magazine with 300 BB's provides plenty of shots before reloading is necessary. The R.I.S (Rail Interface System) allows a large selection of accessories to be mounted, from optical aiming devices to tactical lights, large battery boxes and even bi-pods. Fully adjustable front and rear sights. The Airsoft carbine itself is built with many metal components: outer barrel, front sight, front R.I.S., charging handle and bolt cover. The battery is stored in the collapsible SopMod style stock. Included:

300 rd. Hi-cap magazine.

Removable carry handle.

2 Rail covers.

Detachable forward grip.

Standard charger.

9.6V 1300 mAh battery.

Protective goggles.

Carry sling. Battery should be charged for a maximum of 5 hours , no longer, when using the included charger.

Length: 870 mm

Barrel length: 363 mm

Mag. Capacity: 330 rounds

Hop Up Type: Adjustable

Velocity: 105m/s(344fps)

Weight: 2850 grams

Energy: 1,1

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* Up to 22 balls per second in semi-auto mode

* Up to 15 balls per second in full auto and burst modes

* Industry standard 7/8 inch threaded barrel

* Venturi style bolt to allow use of the most brittle of paintballs

* Low pressure operation to reduce kick and noise

* Breakbeam eyes that helps eliminate ball breaks

* One button operation to toggle eyemodes and on/off

* Adjustable spring return trigger

* Dual Ball detents

* Low profile feedneck

* Industry standard stocks fit.

* 175 psi operating pressure

* Hidden Battery door

* Two different size barrel stabilizers

* One piece metal receiver from barrel to bottomline

* Composite lightweight body

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G&G 551 Graphic Sight

G&G 551 Graphic Sight

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