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The service discount

Service discount - The discount for uniformed professional groups

We are proud to offer a permanent 10% discount on our range for the brave individual active in the military, armed forces, home guard, police, ambulance, security industry and emergency services. Through our uniform discount, we want to express our deep gratitude for their selfless efforts to protect and preserve our community. Their daily sacrifices to ensure our safety and openness deserve recognition and support. We strive to provide them with the best tools and materials to meet the challenges they face, and our discount is an expression of our solidarity and respect for their work.

The discount is linked to you personally and applies when you are logged in to the online shop or when you shop in our store in Åbyn.


How does our Uniform discount work?

Our uniform discount works simply and smoothly. Once you have submitted proof of your occupation to us, you will be assigned a unique code. This code can then be used either for online purchases on our website or for physical purchases in our store in Åbyn. In this way, you can take advantage of your discount and get access to the products you need for your important work in a convenient way.


How do I take part in the service discount?

  • Send some kind of picture or document that proves your profession. The information should be sent to
  • Once we have received all the relevant information, you will be assigned a unique code that gives you a discount on most products in the store. The code is applied at checkout.

Note that the code is personal and may not be distributed and used by third parties. In the event of irregularities such as spreading the code, we reserve the right to deactivate the code. Most brands are represented, such as 5.11 Tactical and Wiley X. Please note that the Uniform Discount cannot be combined with other discounts at this time.


Customer Service

Products for uniformed professional groups


Volume discounts - for example military units

For volume discounts on larger purchases, for example for military units, we recommend that you contact us for a tailored quote. We understand the importance of providing high quality equipment to military units, including the armed forces, as well as to personnel in the blue light sector. That's why we offer special discounts for these groups as part of our uniform discount. For the armed forces, we have a wide range of equipment that is specially adapted to their needs and requirements. Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your specific requirements and wishes. We look forward to helping you with your purchases.


Equipment for armed forces and military

We offer a wide range of popular equipment that is particularly suitable for use in the armed forces and the military. Among our assortment you will find high-quality protective equipment such as plate carriers to ensure optimal protection during operations and exercises. Our backpacks are designed to be durable and functional, making them perfect for carrying all the necessary gear in field conditions. In addition, we offer a selection of specialized tools designed to facilitate various tasks and make work more efficient and safe for armed forces and military users.


Equipment for security guards

We offer a comprehensive range of specialized equipment for security guards, designed to meet their specific needs and requirements. Our collection includes a wide selection of clothing suitable for different seasons and situations, to ensure staff are comfortable and protected in all conditions. To ensure their personal safety, we provide high-quality safety vests that meet industry standards. In addition, we offer a range of professional tools and accessories, including batons, holders and handcuffs, designed to facilitate their work and ensure effective management of situations that may arise while on duty.


The right equipment for your profession

Choosing the right equipment for your profession can be a challenging task. Whether you work in blue light, the military, a security guards, or any other uniformed profession, it's important to have the right tools to do your job the best way possible.

But don't worry, we're here to help. Our expertise and experience means we can guide you through the selection and give you the information and support you need to make the best decisions. Whether you need protective gear, special tools or other equipment for your professional role, we are here to ensure you get what you need to succeed in your work.

If you are in or near Norrbotten or Västerbotten, or if you happen to be in the area of Skellefteå or Piteå, you are more than welcome to visit our store in Åbyn. We warmly welcome you to our store where you can explore our wide range of equipment and accessories for different professional groups. With us, you can expect knowledgeable and personal service as well as the opportunity to get answers to any questions and concerns you may have regarding our products.


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