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Service Discount

Great prices and special deals for individuals in the armed forces, law enforcement, emergency medical care and other uniformed professions.


The Service Discount is our way of giving back to those who save lives and work to keep our society open and safe, and make sure that those who move towards the danger that others flee from have access to the best tools for the challenges they face.

How does the Service Discount work?

The discount is available to all individuals who work in for example armed forces, security sector or in emergency care. To get access to the Service Discount, please follow these steps:

New customer?

  • Send us some type of attachment that shows your profession. This information should be sent to
  • When we have received all necessary information, we will create a personal discount code and send to you.  This will grant you a permanent discount on most products in our store when you are logged in. You may also use the discount when shopping at our store in Åbyn, Byske.

    Please note that the code is personal and may not be used by a third party. If irregularities are found, we reserve the right to inactivate the discount code.

Most of our brands are represented, such as 5.11 Tactical and Wiley X. The discount level can vary between brands, but the baseline discount is 10% off of regular retail price. Please note that Service Discount can at this time not be combined with other offers.

The discount is tied to you personally. For mass purchases for example for units or divisions, please contact us for a quote.

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