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9-Piece iFIT Kit (Gängtyp: Autococker)

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iFIT Paintball Barrel Boring Kit is here to make paintball bore sizing possible again! By obtaining a correct paint to barrel size match a player will add substantial accuracy and efficiency to their paintball marker. No other manufacturer offers as many bore sizes as the iFIT. The iFIT Kit ranges in size from .692 down to .667.

The iFit Kit offers the most comprehensive selection of bore sizes and threads to date, and is the most economical option. Not only is it one of the best and most accurate barrel kits, but it is also a great way to adapt one type of barrel to many different gun types. Conversion Adaptors are named so that the first name listed is the gun that the adaptor will fit in, and the second name is what barrel will work in it. Over the past decade, players have found that correctly boring their paintballs leads to increases in both accuracy and efficiency. Two issues have arisen concerning the ability to properly bore paint. First off, paintball boring systems that have previously been available are expensive due to the fact that they consist of multiple backs, tips, and inserts.

Prices for these kits can easily cost hundreds of dollars. The typical barrel system or kit becomes very expensive when adding multiple threads and or bore sizes...not the case with the iFit Kit. Another problem players are encountering is that paintballs have become progressively smaller over the last few years. We have found that by adding only 1.75 inches of compression length to the majority of barrels and barrel systems ,via the iFit Kit, we can obtain significant increases in accuracy and efficiency.

What does this mean for you?
It means that with nothing more than the barrels you already have in your gear bag, you can start sizing your paintballs correctly and obtaining those increases. It works with any barrel, on any gun. The iFit Kit allows for optimal compression of any paintball to maximize the potential gains from your barrel.

Artikelnummer: P-TIFIT017

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