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In the area around Mora there is a long tradition of knife making, since about 400 years ago sharp knives have been made for the rest of the world. The seed of what would become one of the world's most popular knife manufacturers was sown as early as 1891 when Frost-Erik Erson returned home to the village of Östnor in Mora after four years of work as a logger in North America. In the same year, he founded his carriage factory which produced sledges, wheels and knives for the workshop's internal use. At this time, it was about saving resources and making use of leftover material from production was seen more or less as a matter of course. It would prove to be a successful business idea.

Shortly thereafter, knife production in the vehicle factory took off and eventually became a sought-after barter item with itinerant farm traders who, through their travels in Sweden, spread the knives from Mora further. By the turn of the century, Morakniv had managed to become a well-established concept among craftsmen and craftsmen, which caused ripples in the water. Within a few years, exports were established and the buyers were mainly wholesalers, gunpowder and ironmongers in Europe. By 1904 Frosts had ten employees, produced 19,000 knives annually and focused solely on knife manufacturing.


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