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She was standing in the doorway with a big bowl of tasty homemade stew and he could smell her superb cooking from across the driveway. Wouldn’t that be something, he thought. To preserve her brilliant dishes and making them easy to bring along. Just by adding hot water. Being an expert in the field of freezedrying technology, Rolf Hansen knew that gentle freeze drying was an art yet to be mastered. But his passion for both homemade cooking and outdoor life lit a spark. The chunks of meat did not only have to taste freshly cooked. It had to feel the same. The vegetables had to have the same chewing resistance as she so perfectly prepared them. And most of all, there was no way he was going to let a grain of flavour disappear from its arctic origin. In 1989, in the doorway of their very home, the business idea of Drytech was born. From that afternoon on, their garage smelled like a kitchen as Rolf Hansen reinvented the science of freeze drying technology. Today his passion for homemade cooking and outdoor life is shared by millions every year.



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