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Paintball - En introduktion

It is rare to hear of a group being dissatisfied after a day on the paintball field or forest course, and there is a simple explanation - Paintball is a candy bar of action-packed matches and tactical battles. When the bullets whiz around the head and the smoke screens rise from the shooting ramps, when there are activities that are as adrenaline-filled as only Paintball. Airsoft and Paintball have a lot in common. Both sports share the military-authentic equipment and the realistic playing fields, but what characterizes this particular sport are the top-fed rifles, the futuristic protective masks and the small colorful balls that so characteristically explode and leave color on impact.

Buying your first marker or equipment is not always easy. Therefore, we have put together this guide to help you in your purchase. Here you will find a lot of information about clothing, markers, protective equipment, etc. If you can't find information about what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at Tacticalstore, we have knowledgeable staff ready to assist with any assistance we can provide!

What is Paintball?

Paintball is a popular and competitive outdoor sport where participants use air-powered markers to shoot small paintballs filled with paint at each other. It is usually played on an outdoor court that can be built up with various obstacles and hiding places to create an exciting game environment.

The players are usually divided into two teams and the goal is to eliminate the opposing team's players by hitting them with colored balls. There are different types of game variations and goals, but the most common is for a team to win by either eliminating all opponents or achieving a specific goal, such as taking control of a flag or an area of the track.

Paintball is popular both as a recreational sport and as a competitive sport with various tournaments and events around the world. It is also a popular activity for corporate and team building events due to its focus on strategy, collaboration and communication.

Paintball environment and style of play

Three common game variants are Speedball, Woodsball and Reball, which also differ both in playing style and environment.

Paintball environments

  1. Speedball: Speedball is a competitive variant of paintball played on an open surface, usually a field with built-up obstacles and bunkers. The course is designed for fast movement and intense exchanges of fire. Obstacles such as inflatable bunkers and garden platforms are used to create dynamic play areas that promote quick tactical decisions and aggressive play. Speedball is known for its fast pace, high intensity and demanding physical and strategic skills.
  2. Woodsball/Recball/Milsim: Woodsball, on the other hand, is played in a more natural environment such as a forest or an urban environment. Courses can include natural obstacles such as trees, bushes, and terrain variations, giving players a more realistic feel of a tactical battle (mile swim). Woodsball focuses on slower, more methodical play and can be more tactically and strategically challenging than Speedball. It is usually more suitable for players who prefer a more realistic and military-like experience.
  3. Reball: Reball is a variant of paintball that uses reusable rubber balls without paint. These balls are perfect for indoor play as they do not leave marks and can be used over and over again. Although they may initially be more expensive than regular paintballs, you save money in the long run by reusing them. Reball is ideal for environmentally friendly and cost-effective paintball play, especially indoors.

Paintball game styles

  • Flag: In Flaggame the objective is clear - players must get over to the opposing team's base to retrieve their flag and then bring it back to their own base. This requires not only speed and precision, but also cooperation and strategic planning to avoid enemy fire and bring the flag safely back.
  • Elimination: Elimination games are another common style of play in paintball. Here, the goal is simple - eliminate all opponents on the other team before they eliminate you and your teammates. This requires not only skill with the marker, but also tactical thinking and cooperation to coordinate attacks and defenses effectively.
  • Respawn: Respawn gameplay is unique because it allows players to return to the game after being hit by the opponents. But there is a twist - respawn games usually include various penalties for returning to the game, such as time limits or other restrictions. This forces players to be more careful with their lives and to think strategically to avoid getting hit again and again.

Paintball spel

Playgrounds for Paintball

At established companies and associations, you can play Paintball in most environments, everything from deep, dense forest tracks to "urban environments" where the tracks consist of cars, airplanes and buildings. All categories of players can usually play in these areas as most of the games are adapted so that new and experienced players can play at the same time. If you choose to play by yourself with a group of friends out in the forest, you should first ask the landowner for permission before playing on the land.


A popular matchup that many associations and companies are adopting is the drop-in game, also known as "Walkon". These game days are often regular and are played weekly, or on fixed dates. Walkons are usually open to everyone, beginners or experienced, you can bring your own equipment or rent it on site, and there is usually a fireplace and food and drink sales. To participate, you usually pay a fee before the start of the game and many organizers require that you also buy Paintball balls on site.

Big Game

If you want to be part of an awesome experience, the Big Game is something beyond the usual game day. These clashes often take place on established playing fields with different real-world environments. It can be about dilapidated industrial premises, old military bases or other places that the organizers have chosen to use where up to several thousand players can participate at the same time. Of course, great planning is required to carry out an event of this kind, but the greater the reward for the players who participate.

Protective masks for Paintball

The paintball mask is crucial for safety during paintball games as it primarily protects the eyes and face from being hit by paintball balls. A direct hit to the eye can lead to serious injuries, including permanent eye damage, making it clear that the paintball mask is the most important piece of your equipment on the range. To ensure that the mask meets high safety standards, it must be tested and approved according to ASTM standards. A mask without this marking is not recommended for use. In addition, the mask should be CE marked, which shows that it is certified for use. Most masks carry this marking on both the mask and the lenses. Strict rules apply to the use of the mask, both during play and off the field, emphasizing its crucial role in protecting the eyes of the player and teammates. We only offer masks that are specially designed and approved for paintball, which guarantees high safety and effective protection for the face regardless of which mask you choose to invest in.

The different parts of the paintball mask

  • Frame: This is the structural frame on which all other parts of the mask are mounted. Usually the lock for the lens is also located on the frame.
  • Lens: Available in two variants, single glass and double glass. Paintball mask lenses come in many different colors and can be available with or without mirror film.
  • Face protection: The lower part of the mask that protects the mouth, chin and cheeks. Made of a slightly harder plastic to absorb shock on impact.
  • Elastic band: Used to secure the mask on the head. There are different models where the size can be adjusted either with a knob or with two plastic pieces.
  • Foam: This part of the mask rests against the player's face and contributes to comfort. Soft foam makes the mask more comfortable but can make it more sensitive to wear.
  • Ear protection: Usually made of a softer material to be more flexible and adapt to the shape of the head.
  • Chin strap: A strap with a buckle that sits under the player's chin and ensures that the mask cannot fall off the head in the event of any accidents or impacts.

Beginner masks

This category includes the simplest and most affordable masks on the market, making them an attractive option for beginners or for use on paintball ranges. While these masks may not offer the highest level of comfort compared to more expensive models, they are still fully functional and suitable for on-court play. Despite their low price, these masks do not compromise on quality and are still approved for use in paintball.

They are available with both single glass and double glass lenses to meet different needs and preferences of players. With these masks, beginners can start exploring the world of paintball with a reliable and affordable equipment.

The middle segment

In this segment there is a wide range of masks, from slightly cheaper options to models in the thousand kroner class. Comfort varies and you usually get what you pay for. There are also many good competition masks in this segment that offer high quality and comfort at a relatively affordable price, such as the V-force Grill and Dye Invision 4 (i4), both of which offer exceptional quality in both mask and lens form.

When choosing a mask, it is important to carefully consider your needs and budget. With the right choice, you can find a mask that offers both protection and comfort during the paintball game.

High-end masks

The coolest masks can be found in this segment, but it comes at a price to be on top! Unfortunately, you have to shell out a relatively large amount of money to be able to show off these valuables which can cost you as much as SEK 1500-2000 or more. However, it is usually a really good mask you get with a good field of vision, good comfort and solid "padding" for the face. You usually get a double-glass lens with each copy, and the wide range of replacement lenses means that you can color-combine the masks with everything from smoke-colored to mirror glass. If you want to be able to replace certain parts and color combine the mask itself, there are brands such as e.g. Virtue Vio which offers this, you can then configure the mask to your liking and taste with hundreds of color choices.

Buying guide - Paintball mask

  1. Fit and size: Paintball masks do not come in different sizes like shoes or jerseys, but are usually One-Size with different models varying in size. To find the right fit, it is important to test different models and see which one suits you best. This can be done by looking at pictures, asking other players about their experiences, or visiting a paintball shop to try on different masks. A properly sized mask should offer good protection without feeling bulky.
  2. Lens choice: Single glass or double glass? One of the main differences between paintball masks is whether they have single or double glazing. A single glass lens consists of a single layer of molded plastic, which makes it easy to clean and less sensitive to moisture and external influences. On the other hand, a double glass lens consists of two layers of plastic with an air pocket in between, which prevents fogging by creating a warmer surface on the inner lens. The choice between single and double glazing depends on personal preference and the needs of the player.
  3. Other considerations: Other factors to consider when choosing a paintball mask include its comfort, aesthetics, available lens colors, and the ability to purchase replacement parts when the mask wears out. It is important to choose a mask that not only offers good protection, but is also comfortable to wear for extended periods and suits your personal style.

Paintball markers

Paintball markers

The paintball marker, the piece of equipment that defines the sport, has gone through a long evolution to get to where it is today. New technology has improved air consumption and precision, and also the weight of many markers has been significantly reduced over the years thanks to new materials and smoother designs. The high standard of these markers is important to us, which is why we have chosen to focus on a range of only quality products from the market's leading brands such as e.g. Dye, Eclipse, Milsig and Tippmann. Regardless of whether it is speedball or Woodsball products that are in demand, we want to be able to meet our customers' needs in the best possible way. You don't need to invest in expensive equipment to start playing Paintball, a simple marker, a shaking magazine, an air tank and overalls are enough. In fact, this is how most people start their paintball hobby, then upgrade equipment and clothing as interest grows.

Mechanical markers

Mechanical paintball markers, "classic paintball markers", work in a simpler way compared to their electronic counterparts. In a mechanical marker, the firing is activated when the player presses the trigger, which sets in motion a series of mechanical processes that result in the firing of paintballs. These markers are usually simpler in design and construction compared to the electronic varieties and do not require a battery to operate. Many players prefer mechanical markers for their reliability and easier maintenance, as well as for the more basic and laid back gaming experience they offer. Although mechanical markers generally have a lower rate of fire than electronic markers, they are still great for beginners and players who prefer a more basic style of play.

Electronic markers

Electronic markers revolutionized the sport of paintball when the first saw the light of day back in 1996. Since then, they have played a crucial role in the development of the sport and have become the norm for advanced markers that use electronic components. Characteristic of electronic markers is their ability to fire a high amount of balls per second, giving players an impressive rate of fire. These markers can also offer special features such as "full-auto", "burst" or "ramping" modes, giving players the ability to tailor their fire precisely to their needs and play style. Internal components are specially designed to optimize air consumption and minimize recoil, giving players a smooth and efficient gaming experience.

Magfed markers

Magfed markers, short for magazine-fed markers, have gained popularity among paintball players seeking a more realistic and tactical game experience. These markers differ from traditional hopper magazines by using magazines that sit on the underside of the marker instead of having a large hopper on top. These magazines are usually smaller in size and usually hold between 10 and 20 paintballs. The reduced capacity means that the player has to be more strategic and accurate with their shots, which contributes to a more realistic feel and tactics. In addition, the smaller profile of magfed markers gives players a smoother freedom of movement and makes it easier to take cover during the game. Despite the somewhat limited ammunition, magfed markers have become popular for their focus on realism and tactical gameplay.

Pistols and revolvers

Paintball pistols and revolvers are two different choices players have to enhance their paintball experience and diversify their game. Paintball guns come in a variety of calibers, from the traditional .68 caliber to the more modern .50 caliber, giving players different options depending on their preferences and style of play. On the other hand, paintball revolvers add a unique retro feel and another dimension to the game. Both pistols and revolvers can be powered by 12g CO2 cartridges or air, giving players a reliable power source during gameplay. Having a paintball gun as a backup on the course can be crucial in fast and demanding situations, while a paintball revolver gives players the opportunity to explore new game strategies and tackle the challenges in a different way. With these weapons by your side, you not only get increased flexibility, but also a more versatile and exciting paintball experience.

Buying guide - Paintball markers

Choosing the right paintball marker is critical to maximizing your playing experience and performance on the course. Depending on the style of play you prefer and the goals you have with your paintball game, there are different markers that are best suited for different situations. Woodsball and Speedball represent two distinct styles of play in the paintball world, and the choice of markers differs depending on which game you prefer. Let's explore the recommended markers for both Woodsball and Speedball, as well as introduce the Reball option for indoor play and practice. With the right marker by your side, you can take your paintball game to new heights and enjoy a more versatile gaming experience.

For Woodsball

For Woodsball, where players often focus more on realistic scenarios and tactical game strategies, there is a wide range of markers to choose from. For those on a tight budget, a simple marker with a shaker magazine can work well as an initial investment. As player interest grows, you can gradually upgrade to more advanced models as needed. The range on the market is extensive and covers everything from pistols to sniper markers. Prices vary depending on functions and appearance, but generally speaking, classic forest markers are at a relatively affordable level compared to other types of markers.

For Speedball

In Speedball, where speed and agility are essential, players usually prefer small and light markers specially designed for the fast style of play. These markers are usually electric and can shoot at high speeds, sometimes over 30 balls per second. To match the high rate of fire, electric magazines are often used to reduce the risk of fire breaks. It is also important to keep the total weight down so that the player can move smoothly on the field. Initially, many players choose simpler markers and then upgrade to more advanced models as they become more experienced and engaged in competitive play.

For Reball

For those who want to play paintball indoors or without using colored balls, there is the Reball option, which are yellow rubber balls that do not contain dyes. Reballs are perfect for indoor training and competition and are reusable, making them more cost effective in the long run compared to regular paintballs. With Reballs, players can continue training and racing with realistic conditions without worrying about cleaning paint or clothes afterwards.

Paintball air system

Air system for Paintball

Today, paintball markers are mainly powered by high-pressure air. For a long time CO2 was the preferred propellant due to its low cost, but in recent years air has become the primary choice due to its many advantages. Air is significantly more reliable, gives the marker more even pressure, is unaffected by outdoor temperatures and is gentler on the marker's internal mechanisms. Maximum pressure in a paintball tank today is 4500 psi, which corresponds to 300 bar! Filling a tank is not something you can do at home with regular garage equipment; it takes submersible or industrial compressors to generate these high pressures.

Air tubes for paintball must undergo regular pressure tests by authorized companies for safe use. Normally, these pressure tests are performed at 5 or 10 year intervals, depending on the brand and type of tube. Information about when the next test printing is to be carried out is clearly indicated on each tube together with the date of manufacture and weight.

For use in Sweden, it is also important to ensure that the tube is PI-marked, which means that it is approved for use within the EU. It is therefore recommended to buy tubes from authorized dealers in Sweden and avoid importing from, for example, the USA, where the tubes are neither allowed to be used nor tested according to Swedish rules and standards.

Air system for paintball

Steel tanks

Steel tanks are the most basic and cost-effective alternative in the area of air tubes. These tanks are typically designed for a maximum pressure of up to 3000 psi (200 bar) and are provided with a simple regulator that includes a pressure gauge and a relief valve. They are an excellent choice for those who are looking for an affordable tube and do not have extreme weight restrictions or the need for a 300 bar tank.

Composite tanks

Composite tanks represent the next step in the upgrade of paintball equipment for enthusiastic players. With an impressive maximum pressure level of 300 bar (4500 psi) and a significantly lighter weight than traditional steel tanks, composite tanks are the obvious choice for more experienced players. These bottles can reduce the weight of your marker by up to 400-500 grams compared to a conventional steel tank. Every gram counts when it comes to achieving smoother and easier handling of your marker, making the composite tanks an indispensable addition for the demanding paintball player.

Reg (Regulator)

The regulator, often abbreviated to "Reg", is an important component on a paintball tank that is responsible for regulating and controlling the pressure fed from the tank to the marker. Typically, the pressure is adjusted to a level between 800 and 500 psi, although this can vary depending on the marker model and the requirements for optimal performance. Each regulator is equipped with a pressure gauge and two pressure relief valves, known as burst valves, which are activated should the tank be filled above its maximum capacity.

Paintballs - Paintball bullets

Paintballs - Paintball bullets

Paintballs, also known as paintball bullets, are the ammunition used in paintball. These small round balls are filled with color and are designed to shatter on impact, marking a player's elimination from the game. Currently, there are three different sizes of paintballs: .43 caliber, .50 caliber and .68 caliber, with the latter being the most widely used and considered the industry standard. Recently, however, the .50 caliber has become increasingly popular, especially among younger players. This is because .50 caliber paintballs have lower impact compared to the larger bullets, making them more suitable for beginners and less experienced players. The increased popularity of the .50 caliber has also led to a wider variety of paintball markers and accessories specifically designed for this size.

Choice of bullets

The choice of paintballs is crucial for a successful gaming experience. These balls are manufactured in different hardnesses and colors, which affects their performance and suitability for different playing and weather conditions. The cheaper options tend to have harder shells and varying fillings in different colors, while the more expensive competition balls are characterized by a bright yellow filling and a very fragile shell. The choice of bullets should be adapted to the type of game, weather conditions and type of paintball marker used. For example, it is important to avoid brittle bullets in low temperatures, humid air, or with a high impact marker, as these factors can cause the bullets to break in the magazine or when fired. To ensure a problem-free gaming experience, it is therefore recommended to choose more suitable alternatives such as winter or "field" balls, which minimizes the risk of interruptions and frustration during the game. Choosing the right type of paintball is critical to ensuring a fun and smooth day at the paintball range.

Paintball caliber

  • .68 caliber (0,68 tum): This size is the most common and is considered the standard in the paintball industry. A 68 caliber (cal) paintball has a diameter of approximately 1.73 cm and is used in a variety of game and competition contexts.
  • .50 caliber (0,50 tum): 50 caliber (cal) paintballs have a smaller diameter of about 1.27 cm. This size is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger or less experienced players, due to its lower impact and more easily maneuverable markers.
  • .43 caliber (0,43 tum): The smallest of the commonly used sizes is 43 caliber (cal), with a diameter of about 1.09 cm. This size is sometimes used in specific situations or advanced players looking for increased accuracy and reduced hitting area.

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