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Tacticalstore Guide to Archery

Archery is a sport that has around 10,000 practitioners in Sweden.

Archery, the sport that suits the whole family. It doesn't matter if you are 5 or 75, you can have fun together all year round. Between March and October outdoor shooting is conducted and during the slightly colder & darker time of the year indoor shooting. Outdoor shooting can be divided into four different branches, target, hunting, field and 3-D shooting.

Target shooting

Shot at distances between 30-90 meters for seniors, i.e. shooters who are over 18 years old and men, for women the distances are 30-70 meters. The size of the painting is 80 cm at the two shortest distances 30 and 50 meters. The board has 10 rings and the middle ie the 10 is 8 cm in diameter. On the two longer distances 70 and 90 meters is board size 122cm and 10 is 12.2cm. The sizes already mentioned apply to pre-recurve shooting, i.e. the shooting form that is conducted in te.x OS. For compound shooting the target size is the same but the center area is half the size. Most often, 144 competition arrows are shot during a competition, 36 arrows at resp. distance.

Hunting shooting

Conducted in the forest within a defined area. The distances vary between 0-60 meters for seniors regardless of whether you are male or female. You shoot at paintings that are displayed in the forest at an unknown distance to the shooter, i.e. the shooter must first judge the distance before attempting to hit the target. Hunting shooting involves shooting at cardboard pictures depicting some animal within Sweden's most common animal fauna. You have 3 arrows per target to use to hit the target and the score scale is descending depending on which arrow in the order hits the scoring zone first. Maximum score per target is 15 points if the shooter hits the target heart ring with the arrow first.

Field shooting

Is conducted in the same way as hunting shooting within a defined area in the forest at equal distances for men or women. Here, too, the shooter must first assess the distance before firing at the target. The big difference is board design. The design of the board is round with a yellow center ring and a black outer area. The field goal must be shot with three arrows, the point scale per arrow is 1-5, where the maximum score per target is 15. Usually a field competition is 2 x 30 goals, so a competition usually takes 5-6 hours to complete.

3-D shooting

The newest form of outdoor shooting. The shooter must try to hit a three-dimensional target representing, for example, a deer. In the same way as in hunting & field shooting, the shooter must first judge the distance to the target before he/she tries to hit the target. The maximum distance in 3-D shooting is 45 meters, but the big difference is that even small 3-D targets can be placed at long distances. Common to all 3 forms of forest shooting is that the targets can be placed almost straight up or down and the design of the shooting location does not have to be adapted so that the shooter stands comfortably and firmly.

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